Platte City, Missouri

A February Couples Session

This evening was full of all the sweet and loving moments. They've both competed in and out of the rodeo scene: roping, bull riding, barrel racing.. and hoping to compete again in the near future. So what would a couples session look like without their horses by their side!

Sift through these photos and feel all of the love between this married couple out of rural Missouri. We had a blast despite the cold weather and snow on the ground. And who doesn't like working with these beautiful, four-legged creatures?!

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Husband and wife sitting on their saddled horses in a field of snow in rural Missouri during sunset.
Husband and wife kissing at their couples photo session in Missouri while sitting on their horses in the snow
husband and wife kissing while sitting on top of their horse
man sitting on top of his saddled horse in the middle of a field covered in snow in Missouri
man trotting his horse across a field covered in snow in Platte City, Missouri
husband and wife at their couples photo session in Platte City, Missouri taking off into a snow covered field
man and woman on their horses trotting towards you in a field of a snow in Platte City, Missouri
Cowboy/Man trotting his horse beside his wife and her horse in Platte City, Missouri at sunset during a snowy Winter day
Husband and wife kissing as the sun fills the frame at their couples photo session in Platte City, Missouri
Husband and wife standing with their horses with her back up against his chest looking directly at the camera.
Woman walking her horse towards the middle of the field, during a beautiful snowy day in Platte City, Missouri
man and woman kissing beside their horses at their couples photo session in platte city, missouri. Horse is staring
man, woman, and two horses looking at the camera in platte city, missouri
woman riding horse in a snow covered field in February in rural Missouri for her couples photo session
man and woman kissing as the sun flares to the right of the frame. Their horses are standing next to them
three horses and a couple standing on top of a snowy hill in rural missouri