The Warrens

"Shannon and I have been together for nearly 5 years, married for a little over a year. We tend to spend a

lot of our time traveling and seeing the country. While traveling we love to visit local museums and learn

more about the history behind the western lifestyle. Together we have visited nearly 20 of the 50 states.

Our goals as a couple is to find a house in the next year or so and start buying cattle, and finally get me a

dog. We also want to knock off a few more must see destinations in this new year.

I am currently on the home stretch of my teaching degree. In just a year I will be graduating with a

degree in Elementary Education. I have worked in the western fashion industry for 8 years now. For the

last 3 years I have worked on using my social media platforms to share my passion with others who like

my style. This had led me to meet some of the most amazing people. In the last year I have started an

Amazon storefront where all my favorite Amazon finds are linked and available for purchase. I use my

Tik Tok account to share styling videos and home decor finds. My Instagram is where you will find the

most of my day-to-day outfits and traveling adventures. My Pinterest is stocked with all the outfit, home

décor, and western inspiration you could ever need. You can search TurquoiseDarlin on any of the

platforms and find me.

Shannon- I am currently working on a ranch taking care of cattle while I pursue my rodeo career. I have

been involved and competing in rodeo since I was in eighth grade. I competed through high school and

got a rodeo scholarship to attend college. I got to compete in the next level of rodeo at Missouri Valley

College while getting a degree in Criminal Justice. My biggest goals in rodeo are to qualify for the

National Finals Rodeo, in Las Vegas, NV, as well as, competing in quiet a few bucket-list rodeos such as

the Pendleton Round up. You can find me on Instagram @Shannon.Warren21 that is where I post most

of my rides and upcoming schedules."

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This particular session was on a stormy evening in a country setting in Richmond, Missouri- just outside of Kansas City, Mo. You will find more of their sessions throughout this blog. Thank you so much for viewing! I appreciate your support.

A woman in a red laced dress and cowgirl boots laying on her husband's chest in the middle of a field during a storm
Man and woman laying in field of grass, woman is lifting cowboy hat off of husband to look at him
man and woman laying in field of long grass, man has cowboy hat over face while running fingers through wife's hair
cowboy in standing in field of grass acting goofy in black and white image in rural Missouri
husband and wife standing in field of grass in rural missouri
woman standing behind her husband, leaning her cheek against his shoulder, smiling
husband and wife holding hands with storm clouds behind them and a tree to their right.
man twirling his wife around in red dress and cowgirl hat in rural missouri
husband and wife goofing around dancing in grass field in countryside of Richmond, Missouri with a storm in the back
man and woman standing at a barn dressed in western fashion. woman is holding her skirt out while she holds her husband
man pretending to still twirl his wife after she had already twirled away, they are laughing
a woman being leaned down to the ground with cowgirl hat on, she is smiling looking up at her husband
husband and wife standing in front of barn in Richmond, Missouri while looking at her husband
a couple standing in field of grass at sunset as a storm rolls in all around them
man and woman standing by an old barn in country Richmond, Missouri, hugging eachother
man acting goofy towards his wife with a old, white barn in the background and a storm rolling in
man holding his wife, kissing her cheek
man and woman dressed in western fashion, sitting on the ground back to back with an old, white barn next to them
man and woman embracing in western wear
man and woman acting like an airplane, acting goofy, at their couples photography session in rural Missouri
man standing in his cowboy boots and woman in her western heels, with a western pleated skirt
man with his arms around his wife as she is looking down at the ground smiling
western fashion with cowboy boots, and cowgirl western heels, a portrait of their outfits from the hip down
woman sitting on a metal farm gate in a cowgirl hat and western printed skirt, looking down at her husband smiling

The Warren's 1 Year Anniversary

woman standing with husband dancing, under the moon at sunset with longhorn cattle surrounding them at western wedding

This session was photographed at the Western wedding venue, Big Iron town, stables, and corral in Pleasant Hill, Missouri

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man and woman kissing with a book page backdrop for their anniversary session in rural Missouri
a man presenting a gift for his wife at their anniversary couple photography session in Pleasant Hill, Missouri
Man and woman staring at each other, while a longhorn stand in the background in the middle looking at the camera
woman laying her head on her husbands shoulder, black and white image
woman standing behind her husband in long, burnt orange dress, they are looking off into the sunset
Husband and wife embracing in the middle of a cow pasture with longhorn cattle
woman guiding a walk towards the horizon at sunset in a field of longhorn cattle
a couple with longhorn all around them. Woman is outstretching her hand towards the cowboy husband
a couple holding hands with their backs to the camera, facing the longhorn cattle in a field of green at sunset
husband and wife walking towards longhorns
man and wife twirling at sunset in longhorn cattle field
longhorn cattle surrounding husband and wife during sunset
longhorn cattle at a couples photography session in rural missouri. man and wife are embracing under the moon at sunset
black and white image of woman and man leaning against tree looking at each other
a couple is standing in the sunset's direct light, up against a tree smiling at one another
a cowboy resting against the tree with his foot lifted onto the trunk of the tree with his wife smiling at him
cowboy embracing his wife, kissing the side of her face and she's laughing and smiling
a sunglare on the cowboy as the couple looks off to the side with the woman holding her cowgirl hat at her thigh
woman holding her husband's face in sweet embrace, while he holds her hip, looking at each other
man and woman in black and white picture, swaying in front of a book page backdrop in rural Missouri
husband and wife up against a book page backdrop standing in a western wedding venue in Missouri at sunset
a man and woman looking at each other in front of paperbook backdrop
woman in burnt orange long western dress sitting on iron fence while husband is standing beside her in cowboy hat
a couple walking towards the sunset in a denim and leather jacket, with husband wearing a cowboy hat in rural Missouri
A man and woman standing in wildflower field at sunset, holding her dress and looking off to the side
man and woman in wildflower field at sunset in rural Missouri - Midwest
a couple goofing off at sunset in wildflower field
man being goofy acting annoyed and making faces at wife while she stares off to the side, standing in a wildflower field
woman and man laughing while at their couple photography session in rural Missouri
a man in cowboy hat and boots sitting next to his wife in burnt orange dress with boots in a wildflower field, rural MO
Woman and man looking right at the camera, embracing in a field of wildflowers at sunset in rural Missouri
a couple laughing as they sit in field of wildflowers at Golden hour in Pleasant Hill, Missouri
a woman in a long dress with cowgirl boots, laying on her husbands shoulder with her hand resting on his arm, looking
a woman with her hands resting on her husbands arms as they sit in a field of flowers- rural missouri
woman standing with dress showing thigh, denim jacket draped over shoulder, with long burnt orange dress on at sunset
man acting like he's being dragged by wife across flower field, acting goofy
man picking up his wife, smiling and laughing at her in flower field in rural Missouri
woman in long, flowy red dress running through flower field after her husband in a cowboy hat at sunset

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