Warren Engagement Session

Shannon and Abby met in 2017, while she was on a visit to Marshall, Missouri. They talked and then went on their separate ways, but months after Shannon had reached out to Abby striking up another conversation over social media. A few months after that, they were on the road to love- which has lead them to where they are today, engaged and excitedly waiting to exchange vows this October.

Both Abby and Shannon have always had a strong appreciation and love for the Western culture, lifestyle, and style.

Abby has a passion for shaping and designing hats, while also modeling western fashion in her free time. Y'all, I've seen this woman in action, the outfits she chooses, how she connects the dots- she has such great talent for finding the perfect pieces at great costs, throwing together the perfect outfits. Abby recalls her first time shaping a hat and names her goals for her business as of right now: "I got started shaping hats when I was thrown in head first at my job to shape someone’s hat with no training. It became a natural talent and just grew creatively from there. As far as my goals for my business I really just want to grow my hat designs and start creating and filling orders for people". She is currently attending college and is on her way to becoming an elementary school teacher. She hopes to find a teaching position somewhere close to home when she graduates.

Shannon’s passion is rodeo. It wasn't until his step-father would come into his life that he would actively pursue rodeo. His big career goal is to become a world champion bareback and Saddle Bronc rider. (We're rooting for you Shannon!)

Where they see themselves in 10 years?

They hope to be successful in whatever they are doing in the time: running a hat company, teaching close to home, sitting on the front porch watching their future kiddos playing in the yard with the animals in the pasture within view.

Sounds like a pretty amazing life to look forward to, Abby and Shannon. I know you will accomplish it all. Wishing you two the most beautiful marriage.

Winter Session

Additional images included below from their Winter couples session in rural Missouri. It was so foggy and cold out, but so dang beautiful, y'all! AND they are always such a blast to work with.


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