David + Alicia

Nestled in the hills of Manhattan, Kansas - David and Alicia celebrated their TENTH wedding anniversary last year. How amazing! This session was pretty important to me being how Mrs. Stott was once my art teacher back in high school. When she reached out, I was absolutely honored to photograph such a special time in their lives.

husband spinning wife around on shoulders in her wedding dress - black and white photo
wife playfully pushing husband while walking
woman and husband playfully pushing eachother while walking down a dirt road
woman turning back looking at the camera smiling as she holds her husbands hand while they are walking forward
husband and wife kissing while holding hands with sun against their back
man intimately embracing wife's face and neck while going in for a kiss both of their eyes are closed
black and white image of husband and wife dancing to a song
husband and wife dancing to country song embracing one another during sunset
husband and wife slow dancing to country song while sun is going down on a dirt road in the country

They ended up dancing the light away at the end of our session with a sweet country song. Getting lost in the moment, just the two of them, being completely surrounded by their love. It was such a perfect moment to witness. I am so thankful that she chose me to photograph their beautiful celebration.

Thank you so much David and Alicia!