Delaney & Alexandra

We had hoped for a beautiful sunset session but the weather kept us on our toes and had other plans for us. They danced under the tree while the clouds themselves danced around in the sky and embraced one another so lovingly throughout the entire session. Their chemistry was unreal and you could really feel the love that the two of them hold for each other. Thank you so much Allie & Delaney!

black and white image of women embracing
black and white image of women lovingly embracing
black and white photograph of two women, a couple, lovingly holding foreheads together
lesbian couple holding eachother
lesbian couple holding eachother during stormy clouds
woman kissing her girlfriends hand during an embrace
wind blowing womans hair as they hold their faces together
girlfriends holding eachothers faces while laughing trying to kiss
two women embracing in an intimate moment
girlfriends standing together in the middle of the road in the country embracing one another
woman couple dancing under the clouds and tree in the middle of a road