The Soon-to-be Schneiders

What a beautiful couples session during Fall in this little corner of rural Richmond, Missouri.

The Golden Hour sunlight really stood out this session, light dancing all around these two.

woman kissing man on cheek during sunset
man and woman holding foreheads together laughing in the sunlight
man spinning woman around and her dress is beautifully flowing at the end as she turned
man and woman dancing - man is spinning woman around by the hand
man and woman dancing
man and woman holding foreheads together
man in blue shirt and woman in yellow country rustic dress kissing and embracing
couple- man and woman- walking down a dirt road during their engagement session
hand thrown over the shoulders of the man showing off the engagement ring during fall couples session
woman hugging man

Wanting to save some color/outfit ideas from this Fall engagement session? Pin these images below to your Pinterest for some Fall Inspiration!