This session was a quiet couples session in Kansas City, Missouri with the sweetest and most in-tune couple I have worked with. They were so willing to try my ideas and weren't afraid to laugh at my silly prompts. Both of them are artists, working with them was an absolute dream.

man and woman kissing behind hat
man and woman holding hands while dancing and kissing
man and woman looking into each other's eyes as they dance with one another
woman dancing with man behind her playing guitar
woman twirling in dress with man sitting on window ledge behind her
woman dancing with man playing guitar behind her during studio couples session
woman laughing while man strums on guitar sitting behind her on window ledge
woman dancing and sprawling out flowy tan dress with the sunlight hitting her back
black and white image of woman dancing with her flowy dress facing her boyfriend playing guitar
woman with eyes closed sitting on the ground listening to  her boyfriend playing the guitar sitting on the window ledge
a photo of man and woman holding hands only in frame

I usually end a couples session with a romantic dance. There is just something about a couple dancing, allowing them to fully be wrapped in one another, connecting, as they dance to 'their' song.