Celebrating Pregnancy Announcement with a Family Session

Nestled in a rural area of Missouri, just outside of Kansas City, this couple documented the announcement to their little ones of their pregnancy- that they would be welcoming a new little baby brother or sister into this world. Excitement was in the air, the two oldest being celebrating with hugs to mom. The rest of the family session, we walked around and just enjoyed the nice, Spring evening.

family holding balloon "baby" sign up
black and white image of siblings hugging their mother
siblings hugging their mother
family walking and standing across the lake with sun shining in the frame from the right
daughter embracing her mother around the neck
big sister having a staring contest with little brother
four siblings- standing two in the front, two in the back- older siblings hugging their little siblings in the front
little brother holds his suspenders and smiles at camera with sunshine coming in through the right
family walking through field
family walking through field with sun to their left
family sitting on the ground again
family sitting on the ground with mother looking up at the camera
mother laughing at daughter while family of four, soon five, are laughing. little boy is looking right at camera smiling
toddlers embracing in hug at family photography session
boy being silly, squeezing his face together looking right at camera
mother embracing her son while they sit on the ground and the sun is right behind them
toddler looking right at camera while smirking, sunlight hitting the side of face
dad and son staring at eachother while sun is shining behind son
mother embracing daughter, daughter hugging her mother's pregnant belly at family session
black and white photo of couple kissing
two toddlers holding hands, staring at their parents during family session
adorable photo of toddler standing with hands in pocket and staring at camera in a field during family session
family walking away towards gravel road in a field