I'm going to be honest. Not all sessions go 100% as planned. For example, we had this romantic, in the rain session planned for these two..forecast called for rain up to the moment it was supposed to....instead it was muggy and had gloomy clouds for days. lol. But..we made the best of it!

Sometimes, the best things happen unexpectedly and for us three creatives (Katie is an artist and business owner {www.instagram.com/blackcatleatherworks} and Will is a singer/musician}), we really were blessed especially at the end of the session. We gathered all of the blankets and pillows, lit some candles, and they hopped up on the back of the truck. Will serenaded her for a good 45 minutes.

husband and wife goofing off- wife is kissing husbands hand
wife laughing at husband
wife and husband sitting on grassy hillside embracing
husband grabbing wifes face lovingly
black and white image of husband and wife getting ready to kiss
husband and wife sitting in front of their house with their dogs
dogs with their owners sitting in front of their house
husband serenading his wife on the tailgate of a truck
wife surrounded by candles and blankets with husband playing guitar for her
husband and wife enjoying a quiet night
husband and wife dancing
husband and wife dancing at night in their driveway in front of headlights
husband and wife having a midnight dance

We ended the night with them dancing to their love song, in their driveway in front of the truck. It was beautiful. And I feel like I needed this session just as much.

Don't underestimate the magic that spontaneity can bring.