Most of my clients have told me that their session felt more like a date night than an actual photography session. I craft my couple sessions to where you are able to relax, be yourself, and just be present with each other. It's important to me that throughout the entire session its a stress-free zone and you're comfortable enough to where you don't even realize you're still taking pictures- y'all are just being you as a couple. And that's when the magic happens! In return, you're getting quality photographs and leaving with your heart full.

These sessions are perfect for those couples looking to celebrate their love in a passionate way. That want to connect. They ignite a fire within and get in touch with the reason you fell in love with each other, all over again.

man and woman dancing in a field during golden hour in rural missouri
pregnant woman getting a foot massage from her husband while sitting in their livingroom
expecting mother holding her stomach and closes her eyes standing in a field of wildflowers in Missouri - maternity
man and woman riding off into the sunset in a field on their horses during a couples session
man and woman playing and singing guitar while woman dances in livingroom
husband and wife of 34 years- man bear hugging wife with both of their eyes closed
woman seductively walking around boyfriend sitting on harley
man and woman dancing to a song at sunset in a field of wildflowers
black and white image of husband and wife walking by barn
man and woman laughing in a field at sunset
man and woman touching each others hands during sunrise
man and woman standing atop a hill in a field watching the sunset
man and woman riding their horses near their cattle during sunset
same sex couple embracing eachother with foreheads put together
man and woman slow dancing with the setting sun in the background