Brooke Terrapin of Midwest Twist

"A Midwest cowgirl with dreams of creating western inspired clothing with unique twists would be the best way to describe myself and my brand.
My name is Brooke and I created the clothing brand Midwest Twist in hopes of doing just that. My photo shoot with Crystal was intended to capture my wedding outfits and that is exactly what she did! When deciding what I would wear on my wedding day, I couldn't fit all the ideas into one look. Instead, I created three outfits that were all based on details from my mom's wedding dress. Crystal was able to capture each of these looks including me in my mom's dress as well. When deciding what props I would use to help tell the story of who I was I knew a horse needed to be included. Blondie was the perfect fit to showcase these beautiful white outfits and also tie in my cowgirl flare. She has been my family's horse for 16 years and some of my favorite photos include her in them. The last shot of the evening was me on the back of Blondie loping on my in-laws property. This was my favorite shot and was definitely the most sentimental. I hope to continue to create clothing for myself and others that give them confidence, have special elements, and make what they wear truly special."

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First Outfit

Woman standing with her horse in her wedding outfit in rural Kansas
Woman in wedding Western jumpsuit smiling
Woman in Western fashion jumpsuit in rural Kansas

Second Outfit

Woman with green eyes and red lipstick, wearing an off white wedding gown with a peacock feather in front of her face
Woman standing with her hand on her hip, cowgirl hat in the background, in an off white wedding gown in rural Kansas
Woman sitting on an antique couch, leaning in her wedding gown that she designed as Midwest Twist
Rodeo queen holding her Western cowgirl hat on her thigh as she looks down in her Western wedding gown
Woman in Western wedding gown looking at the camera with brunette hair and red lipstick in rural Kansas
Woman standing in wedding gown
Woman facing away from the camera, holding her hand on her hip, leaning on an antique couch
Woman standing next to a vase of peacock feathers, holding her cowboy hat over her head, in a wedding gown
Woman in Western fashion off white wedding gown walking off with her palamino quarter horse in rural Kansas
black and white image of woman in wedding gown with cowgirl hat walking towards the camera with her horse
Woman in cowgirl hat wearing a western wedding dress, holding her horse's face looking at the camera
Woman swaying her hair back and forth wearing a cowgirl hat, leaning on her horse in rural Kansas

Wedding Dress

Midwest Twist wedding dress designed by Brooke Terrapin, owner and bride
Woman holding bouquet of flowers in an off white wedding dress standing on a cowhide rug near a river in rural Kansas
Woman in a wedding dress for Western fashion, standing on a cowhide rug by a river in Kansas
woman in western wedding dress holding a bouquet of flowers
A woman dressed in a wedding dress standing on a cowhide rug with peacock feathers beside her and a river in kansas
A woman in her off white wedding dress on a cowhide rug
woman in wedding dress standing on a cowhide rug
Woman in wedding gown at sunset in Alma, Kansas
off white wedding dress in rural Kansas being worn by fashion designer, Brooke Terrapin
Woman looking off while standing in wedding dress with soft fabric, wearing red lipstick, at sunset
woman wearing wedding gown, facing away from camera walking her horse at blue hour
blue hour wedding photoshoot in rural kansas, woman walking her horse

Brooke's Inspiration

This is the dress that Brooke drew inspiration from, her mother's beautiful wedding dress!

woman wearing her mother's wedding dress from the 1990s
vintage wedding gown being worn in rural kansas
rural western wedding gown at sunset
woman in vintage western wedding dress in the country in Kansas
vintage wedding gown at sunset
woman wearing wedding gown
vintage western wedding gown in kansas
vintage wedding gown from the 1990s in rural Kansas
woman twirling around in her mother's vintage wedding dress in a field with horses behind her

Thank You!

I don't think we would have breezed through that September day without the help of Brooke's sweet aunt and mother-in-law, jumping in when one of us needed anything! It was a long, humid afternoon, but with their help we created a beautiful business branding session for Brooke. Thank you both so much.

A woman in a wedding jumpsuit looking in the mirror fixing her hair with a fan being put on her from the right
Woman riding on horse through a field at blue hour in her mother's vintage wedding dress in rural Kansas