Shea Conner & Cooper

"My name is Shea Conner and this is my soon to be 21 year old horse Cooper, Coop for short.

Some of Cooper's favorite things are oatmeal cream pies, Purina horse treats, alfalfa, and kisses on the nose from me.

I've owned Cooper since he was 10 years old and have breakaway roped off of him for the last 9 years. I truly believe he is, what one would call, my "once in a lifetime horse."

Cooper is super quirky and is scared of his own shadow half the time, but through all the quirks, he has taken me so far in my roping career and has forced me to become a

better rider and horsewoman.

Coop is enjoying his Winter break getting fat and sassy and watching his 5 year old friend get rode everyday, while he sits back and doesn't have to work, but still gets all the cookies.

Talk about living the life!"

Scroll down to see all of the magic that these two brought with them on that beautiful morning!

Crystal Diane Photography:



Woman in western fashion holding her horse's muzzle at sunrise in rural Missouri
Woman in blue denim button up and red western head scarf, holding horses face in field of grass, looking off
Woman in blue denim Western shirt, holding her horse's face, both standing in field of grass at sunrise
A woman and her horse standing on a hill in Missouri at sunrise, holding onto her horses face hugging him
Black and white image of woman embracing her horse's face while standing in field of grass at sunrise
A woman and her horse standing together while she closes her eyes and embraces his face
Shea Conner standing in a field of grass at sunrise as she looks off at her horse, Cooper
Rodeo roper, Shea Conner, sitting on her horse, Cooper, during sunrise in Richmond, Missouri in field of grass
Rodeo roper, Shea Conner, sitting atop her horse, Cooper, in field of grass at sunrise in Richmond, Missouri
Rodeo roper, Shea Conner, riding her horse, Cooper