Frank & Ivy

A black and white image of couple standing in the middle of a dirt road in rural Missouri.
A man in a cowboy hat and boots holding his girlfriend's hand, swaying and walking down dirt road with Fall leaves
A man embracing his girlfriend, holding their foreheads together, Fall photography in Missouri
A man in a cowboy hat with his arms around his girlfriend, swaying them both, full of laughter. Fall photography
Black and white image of man holding his girlfriend's back of head, foreheads together with eyes closed
Man and woman in western fashion, standing in middle of a dirt road with beautiful orange and red Fall foliage, hands
Man and woman holding their faces together in Fall couples photography session in Richmond, Missouri
Man and woman dressed in western fashion standing on wooden bridge in Richmond, Missouri for Fall couples photo session
Man and woman in country fashion, standing together on wooden bridge, under Fall foliage in Missouri
Man in best and woman in red dress. Woman is holding his bicep, looking up at him while he looks at camera
Man in western vest, woman in red western dress. They are looking at each other smiling in Fall couples photography
Man leaning over to kiss woman's forehead as she closes her eyes
Man and woman playfully goof around on wooden bridge in rural Richmond, Missouri at their Fall couples photo session
Man and woman outstretching their arms and hands for one another as they walk down wooden bridge in rural Missouri
A cowboy couple stand on wooden bridge in rural Missouri
Man and woman lean over for a kiss on wooden bridge in rural Missouri
Man ran after woman in Golden Hour sunlight in Richmond, Missouri. Man caught woman and is hugging her. She is laughing
Man in western wear and cowboy hat, woman holding his arm. Off to side is the sunset. They are standing near hay bales
Woman walking through field of golden grass during Fall couples photo session near hay bales in rural Missouri
Woman is holding the tail of her long dress up to walking through long Fall grass during Golden Hour
Woman in vibrant red dress, laughing while swaying in Golden Hour sunset light
Young man in western cowboy hat and vest, standing with hands in jeans, smiling at camera while standing in Fall grass
Woman and man staring at each other with a soft gaze in rural Missouri
Woman in long red dress is walking towards man with his hand in his vest and cowboy hat on
Woman and man standing in long, Fall grass in rural Richmond, Missouri with hay bales all around them. Holding hands
A couple embracing at sunset during Fall in field of long, golden grass. Western fashion
Woman and man with cowboy hat, placing foreheads together in an embrace, in a field at Golden Hour
Man in cowboy hat closing eyes, kissing woman's top of head while she nestles head into his chest.