Tanner and Twila

"Tanner and I have been together for almost 5 years, and we are about to celebrate our second year of marriage. We spend the majority of our time with friends and family, but you can more than likely find us on our family farm. We purchased our first home in 2021 and have been busy turning it into the most darling and rustic space. We are also very proud fur parents to our two crazy and loving dogs, Brodie and Abilene. 
Our main goal as a couple is to find acreage and build a home, where we can raise kiddos and have horses and cattle. And a few more dogs. Along with more wall space for Tanner to hang his shoulder mounts. 

I have been a cosmetologist for nearly 3 years now and I can’t believe how fast it has flown by. I still remember being a baby stylist! I have met the most amazing people who trust me to create their dream hair. It's just the coolest thing to me. I love to travel and hike, and have a few destinations I want to cross off my list such as the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and Banff. Tanner doesn’t like to travel as much, but he tags along pretty well. I have a love for western lifestyle, fashion, and home decor- which can be found on my Pinterest page! 

Tanner has been a union electrician for IBEW Local 124 since he was 18, and is about to graduate his apprenticeship where he will turn out as a journeyman. He loves fitness and the outdoors. His main passion is bowhunting whitetail deer. From food plots to trail cameras, he will spend about 9 months out of the year focusing on the deer herd and locating the most mature bucks to target. The other 3 months of the year is usually focused around turkey season, morel mushroom hunting, and catching crappie for fish fries. Oh and he also enjoys collecting cowboy boots! Simple does it for him."

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Couple Session- Part One

Woman in blue Western dress holding her husband's outstretched hand, dancing, in field of green with barn and sunset
Woman in long, light blue dress holding the hands of her husband in a cowboy hat at sunset in a grass field in rural Mo
Woman in light blue Summer dress, holding yellow wildflowers, while her husband embraces her from behind in cowboy hat
Woman and man styled in western fashion dancing in the sunlight at Golden Hour couples photo session
Black and white image of woman and man in western fashion holding hands in grass field behind barn in rural Missouri
Husband and wife laughing and holding hands at sunset, wearing Western fashion, in the country
Woman in long, blue dress being hugged by her husband in cowboy hat and Western fashion in rural Missouri
Woman and man kissing in a grass and wildflower field in rural Missouri at sunset
Man walking towards his wife, holding a bouquet of freshly picked wildflowers in rural Missouri at sunset
Man giving his wife a bouquet of wildflowers, at sunset in Richmond, Missouri
A man in a cowboy hat placing wildflowers in his wife's hair as she is smiling up at him. Sunset and in rural Missouri
Woman in light blue dress sitting on the ground with her husband while he kisses her shoulder at sunset
Black and white image of Cowboy couple in Western fashion, laughing and smiling. Sunset and rural Missouri
A couple dressed in Western fashion, turquoise jewelry, and cowboy hat and boots.

Couple Session- Part 2

Clothes, towels, and cowboy boots draped across a fallen tree limb, near a Missouri creek at sunset
A woman walking and wading through water in a Missouri creek while her husband looks at her smiling
A man in a cowboy hat outstretching his hand towards his wife while standing in a creek in Missouri at sunset
A couple swimming in a creek in Missouri at sunset for their couple photography session
A husband and wife standing in a creek in Missouri while hugging at sunset
A woman hanging onto her husband while wading through a creek in Missouri at sunset
A man and woman hugging on the edge of a creek in Missouri in the Midwest
A man and woman hugging and kissing, wearing a cowboy hat and bathing suits at sunset
Black and white image of husband and wife hugging
Man jumping into creek towards his wife in creek in Missouri at sunset
A man jumped into the Midwest creek, making a splash towards his wife
A man and woman wrapped in towels after taking a swim, holding their heads together
A closeup of a couple hugging one another, with their rings and necklace showing
A couple walking towards the end of the dirt road in their Western fashion in the country
A couple dancing in the middle of a dirt road
A couple dancing and embracing in the middle of a dirt road in Missouri after a swim in a creek
A couple dancing and hugging
A couple in country fashion walking towards their vehicle
A couple smiling and walking with his arm around her shoulders
Black and white image of husband and wife hugging, holding each other's arms with their Western jewelry showing

The Davis'

one year anniversary couples session

Man and woman clinking a wine bottle and beer can together in cheers of their wedding anniversary
wife and husband in cowboy boots and hats, kneeling behind their dogs in front of a family farm's pond in rural Missouri
A man and woman hugging and smiling next to a family farm's pond in rural Missouri
A woman watching her dogs swim in the water at sunset
two unique looking dogs swimming through a family farm's pond in rural Missouri in the Midwest
a man and woman sitting on their blanket outside of a family farm pond
a woman and a husband sitting on the ground, with the man's arm wrapped around his wife's shoulders in a cowboy hat
a woman standing looking at her dog, with a man in a cowboy hat sitting on the blanket on the ground during sunset
a woman and man unfolding a blanket in rural missouri
a husband and wife unfolding a blanket in Midwest in a rural Missouri community
a wife and husband's feet being photographed with cowboy boots on, laying in the grass at sunset
a woman and her husband laying down on a turquoise blanket at sunset with their dogs running around
a woman laying next to her husband, holding his face, smiling at him
a man and woman staring at each other while laying next to another, smiling
a cowboy hat laying next to a woman and a man wearing cowboy boots in a field of grass at sunset
a husband and wife kissing in rural Missouri in the Midwest at sunset
a woman standing in front of a fence with her husband standing behind the fence, holding hands and smiling at eachother
a man in his cowboy hat leaning over a metal cattle fence, holding his wife's hands, smiling at her going in for a kiss
a woman standing up on a fence to kiss her husband over it, with the sun shining in the frame from the left in rural Mo
a man hugging his wife over a metal cattle fence in rural Missouri country setting
a woman being wrapped in her husband's arms standing over a fence, with cowboy hat on
a man and woman smiling at one another, with husband holding her hands over the fence
man and woman tasting their wedding cake from the year before for their one year wedding anniversary in Missouri
a man being silly acting like he's going to put icing on his wife's nose
man and woman feeding each other cake in their couples photography session for their one year wedding anniversary
a man and woman laughing while eating their one year wedding anniversary cake with their dogs surrounding them
a woman and man looking at each other smiling with their unique dogs sitting on the ground
a woman and man laughing and eating cake for their wedding anniversary, with their dog staring at them
man and woman dancing in a field on their family farm in rural Missouri
man dancing with his wife at blue hour in rural Missouri, picking her up and twirling her around with their dogs
man and woman dancing in blue hour at the family farm with the dogs in pond


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